Do Not Go Gently

About the Book

It was a warm morning. As the sky stretched and yawned, Mum, my sister and I huddled over a piping flask of coffee. The sand was cold and a slight breeze whispered in from the darkness. Even though Nan had only died a few hours earlier, Mum couldn’t stop talking about Dad. She was so worried about his refusal to visit a doctor. She sipped her coffee.

“Dad and I came here when we were courting back in the late sixties. We were sat on that headland over there. We cuddled for hours and with my head on his chest, I could hear his heart beating. I remember thinking even then, what I would do if it stopped beating?”

Winner of ‘Best Writing in a Blog’ at the Wales Blog Awards 2012, Do Not Go Gently is the story of a family’s fight with cancer.

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